Occupy the Refrigerator (I am the 2%)

Via Brian LePort on Facebook (I liked this one more than some others along the same lines)

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  • MirrorMan

    Occupy… a movement intending to make a difference, without a direction
    or purpose. From society’s point of view, it’s symbolic of a generation that
    doesn’t know how to use their freedom in a responsible (even palatable) way. Now their aimless
    effort is eclipsed by a tragedy in their own midst. Did the Occupy movement
    make a difference? Or did it just provide a venue for the status quo to unfold?
    It’s over folks. Pack up, go home and lament your ineffectiveness, along with
    the 2% you are railing against.

  • newenglandsun

    I remember for like a year or so in my life when this stuff wasn’t in my fridge. My parents thought it’d be a good idea to put me and my sisters on some sort of diet. We took calcium pills for nutrition! I was kept on the diet the longest cause it worked best for my autism. That said, I do currently eat dairy products now but for the most part, it’s cheese and what-not. From pizza.