One God, One Cross Each

In Biblical studies news in the blogosphere:

David Burnett shared the latest in his series of monotheism interviews, this one with Michael Heiser.

Rogue Classicism shared a link to an article on the bioarchaeology of crucifixion.

If you were hoping for something more humorous, then there are some spoof religious video games at Something Awful (HT Hemant Mehta). Here’s one example:

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  • Guest

    Hi James,
    I saw you in London at the SBL bloggers dinner, although we didn’t meet officially! Anyway, I wanted to alert you to a blog ive recently started with some others at Auckland that you might be interested in following:

  • James F. McGrath

    Hi Robert! Sorry we didn’t meet officially!  :-)  I had already subscribed to the Auckland blog RSS feed, but will now also add it to my blogroll!