The First Black Friday

I made this cartoon myself (as if it didn’t show). I had the idea for it and thought I’d try my hand at making the cartoon if I could. If the realization is a bit rough (I used the cutting edge in artistic software: Microsoft Paint), hopefully you’ll still get a chuckle from the concept!

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  • A.J. Swoboda

    The manger, however, didn’t open at midnight.

  • Brian

    That’s pretty good for something does so fast. Though despair not Mr. Mcgrath, Microsoft paint can dish out some awesome work, it just takes practice. I mean not to brag, but some say that I’m pretty good with paint myself.
    Anyway it’s very cute, and appropiate for this time of year. Perhaps I should draw something myself to celebrate.

  • James F. McGrath

    A. J., I’m tempted to make some groan-worthy store man(a)ger references.

    Brian, thanks, I did indeed churn it out quickly and in a single attempt, without even adding niceties such as changing the width of the brush stroke or anything. I figured this was a cartoon which I either make now or leave until around the me time next year.

    Feel free to share some links to your own creations – and to brag! :-)

  • Keika

    The King carrying the shopping bag, that’s funny.  “We’d be interested in GPS.  Do you have OnStar?”

  • James F. McGrath

    “OnStar” – love it! :-)