The Four Stages of Santa

"Very helpful. Thank you summers-lad."

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"A nonexistent omnipotent being would not need a bureaucracy to manage the universe either. The ..."

Banished from the Heavenly Boardroom
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How Much of the Bible do ..."
"An omnipotent being would not NEED a bureaucracy to manage the universe. He/she/it could do ..."

Banished from the Heavenly Boardroom

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  • I decided not to ruin it for those who just want to enjoy the humor of the post. But one can use the four stages as an analogy. First, as an analogy of liberal Christianity:

    1. You believe the stories
    2. You disbelieve the stories
    3. You discover value in passing on the stories to the next generation
    4. You resemble the stories that have shaped your worldview

    And as an analogy for atheism:

    1. You believe in God
    2. You don’t believe in God
    3. You become the autonomous sovereign over your own life
    4. You look like God (i.e. you don’t exist)


  • Brian

    I’m going to pretend this was you granting my request for some holiday fun. I agree with the first one but the second one makes little sense, unless of course you mean that you end up dead and not existing anymore. In which case, I’m not too sure about, I hope that death isn’t the end of us. But that is besides the point.
    My analogy for Judas Macabee and his family would be:
    1. You hate your enemies
    2. You resist them
    3. Overthrow them
    4. Become them.

    A little cynical, but I wanted to make a relevant contribution, though I am aware that the Hosmoneans weren’t exactly like the Selecuids but they are similar in the sense of being an unpleasant lot.

  • Wow! Brilliant. If there would be a fifth level, it could be being resurrected as a transformed santa.

  • Holiday fun is always welcome! (Well, almost always…)

  • Kermit .

    As a Zen Gardener. may I offer:

    1. You like the pretty flowers.
    2. You are utterly uninterested in flowers.
    3. You grow flowers.
    4. You are the flowers.

    This all can be read literally (baby to compost), psychologically (losing oneself in the garden), or symbolically (metaphysically).

    Or is that like explaining a joke? I never was good at social nuance 🙁

  • Gary

    I like Kermit’s the best. Kind of like we are the stardust, and will be again. Or maybe a black hole. I feel that sucking sound.

  • I got that on a shirt.