Call for Papers: Joss Whedon and Theology

I’ve been meaning to post this CFP for a while, which appeared on TheoFantastique recently:

Joss Whedon and Theology

The works of Joss Whedon — from his hit television shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, to his popular comic book writing on Fray and X-Men, to his upcoming and highly anticipated Avengers film—are among the most influential pop culture phenomena of the last two decades. They are also among the most provocative when it comes to explorations of religion, family, friendship, sexuality, forgiveness, redemption, hope, love, and other dimensions of the human condition. While several volumes have been written on Whedon’s opus from philosophical and cultural studies perspectives, relatively little attention has been given to the theological significance—and implications—of how he portrays these subjects.

We are soliciting abstract submissions for an anthology volume on Joss Whedon and theology. Accordingly, submissions should address any of the above topics or other themes pertinent to Whedon’s work through a broadly theological lens. We are looking for critical engagement from any religious (e.g. Christian, Muslim, Buddhist) or non- religious (e.g. atheist, agnostic, humanist) perspective and also welcome theological approaches informed explicitly by issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, class, etc.

Please send a 250-300 word proposal and your CV by email. Both should be in Word or PDF format. The deadline for submission is February 29th, 2012. Finished essays will be due by June 30th, 2012. Proposals, CVs, and other questions should be sent to Anthony R. Mills (, John Morehead (, and J. Ryan Parker (

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  • Amber Peace

    I would jump all over this if I had a respectable CV

  • itsRodT

    It’s Joss Whedon, not Josh.

    You must have a spell of the Joel Wattshisnames.

  • James F. McGrath

    It is the exam week brain melt. I fixed it, but expect further errors of a similar obvious sort over the next week or so. :-)

  • Tim Webb

    Ummm… Whedon is an avowed atheist. I love his work, but do you think he’d love this symposium?

  • James F. McGrath

    I can’t imagine that he would have a problem with it. Atheists discuss what religious believers write, and vice versa, all the time, and academics discuss both, from a wide variety of perspectives.

    Whether he will love it, I honestly couldn’t say.

  • Ronald Helfrich

    Whedon, if memory serves, has talked about his fascination with religion and many of his TV shows, specifically Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, explore, with great sophistication, in my opinion, issues related to social ethics.