Jesus: “Hitch Didn’t Hate Me”

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  • Brian

    That’s unfortunate, I was afraid that these unChrist like Christians would give the rest a bad name by celebrating the death of another human being. Though to tell the truth, I have never really listened to a single clip [other than maybe one] by Mr. Hitchens. Though whatever his style, he deserved better than this.

  • Gary

    Never heard of him before. Never read anything he wrote. However, I heard on the news that he considered Mother Teresa a fraud. I know Mother Teresa lived in Calcutta, helping the poor. Regardless of religious beliefs, it seems she gave back to the human race. I wonder what Hitchens did for anyone? I would assume he lived a pretty confortable life, in a pretty good home (how many did he have)? Probably a few BMW’s or Mercedes in the garage? Made some money writing about his dislike for other people and organizations, I assume. I don’t know. But I’d be willing to bet he didn’t hang around with homeless people. If a person wants to attack an individual, he ought to attack someone that fights back. He can’t fight back now, so I certainly wouldn’t attack him. However, he didn’t seem to have the same set of moral values as a “Mother Teresa”.

    • Gary

      BTW, saw that he was a lifetime smoker. So I would say that he was not as smart as HE thought he was. Journalist egos can’t recognize the obvious, or do not have the will power to abstain from their own stupidity. Guess I violated my comment about not attacking him.

    • Aaron Micheal Harrison-Lynch

      You’ve very little real knowledge of the life of “Mother Theresa” then Sir,

      I know Mother Teresa lived in Calcutta, helping the poor. …………. it seems she gave back to the human race. “Not quite true mate, she started off in Calcutta in a “sick house” as such places were termed and she actively prevented many peoples access to “godless” medicine.Once noticed by the Vatican, she was jetted around the world in Papal planes to be Rome’s very own Anti-Choice and Anti-CONDOM poster pin-up.She was a media tool, nothing more. Most red cross volunteers have “given back” more to the human race in they’re first week on the job that she did.Pointing out where given praise is undue is not attack, it is just sensible commentary.Sorry

  • smijer

    Brian, “Though whatever his style, he deserved better than this.” Deserved is a tricky word. He certainly gave Jerry Falwell a huge middle finger upon his passing. 

    Gary, google his Mother Theresa quote – I think that will clarify.  Then google the essay he wrote for (Vanity Fair?) concerning his cancer and look at what he says about his lifestyle’s contribution to his death. You’ll see he was not ignorant of the consequences. 

  • admiralmattbar

    While I understand that atheists don’t necessarily hate God I believe Christopher Hitchens referred to himself as an antitheist and said that he did, in fact, hate God or would if he existed.

  • Gary

    Spent time looking at his article (dtd 20 Oct, 2003) titled “The pope beatifies Mother Teresa, a fanatic, a fundamentalist, and a fraud”. Also looked at a Vanity Fair article he wrote about his cancer. I stand by what I said. Nothing to clarify. He wasn’t ignorant of the consequences. My quote, “or do not have the will power to abstain from their own stupidity”. Cigarette smoking is stupid. Therefore, he didn’t have the will power to abstain from his own smoking (i.e. stupidity). Therefore, he is not as smart as he passes himself off….Mother Teresa did not believed in abortion. That seemed to be his problem with her. But why should he care about how or why a church makes a “saint”, since the “saint” is defined and “owned” by the church (in this case Catholic). He, as an atheist, doesn’t believe in “saints”, whether Catholic, Lutheran, Mormon, Buddist, etc. So why should he even care, other than to try to ridicule a dead woman that didn’t do any violance against him. I take back what I said, he is an idiot, biased, asshole. How’s that? With all due respect, Sir, as they say in the Air Force.

    • smijer

       I take back what I said, he is an idiot, biased, asshole. How’s that? ” Biased and asshole, yes.  But his criticism of MT centered on her unwillingness to challenge church dogma on a woman’s role in reproduction generally: including access to contraception much more importantly than to abortion. There is an uncomfortable truth to behind this criticism.  She lived among India’s poor, but she squandered the opportunity to change the culture in ways that would have allayed their suffering. 

      As to his lifestyle – unless weakness of will is the same as stupidity I don’t think you’ve proved your charge. Stupidity would be to deny the consequences. It is clear that he did no such thing. He was very frank about the negative consequences of the lifestyle he chose. Stupidity is to deny the truth.  The truth is that if I ran a mile a day, I would, on average, live longer. Stupidity would be to deny it. It is rather self-indulgence that prevents me. Few people face the truth about their own actions as straight-fowardly as Hitchens did. 

      I am not an admirer of those characters we see in him that are aggressive and asinine. I think his support of the Iraq war was near criminal. But it would be foolish to deny his intellect, his skill with wordcraft, or his basic regard for humanity. 

    • Pseudonym

      1. Christopher Hitchens was no idiot.
      2. Everyone is biased, including you and me.
      3. Everyone has the capacity to be an arsehole under the right circumstances. (Spelling changed to reflect his place of origin.)

      I’m not going to defend everything that (or even most of what) Hitch wrote. God is not Great, in particular, was a well-written, extremely eloquent exercise in confirmation bias. Ultimately, nobody is perfectly good or perfectly bad. That’s just as true of Mother Theresa as it is of Christopher Hitchens.

  • Gary

    “she squandered the opportunity to change the culture in ways that would have allayed their suffering”. Are you kidding? Fact, she was in a Hindu country, helping the poor. What, an 80+ something woman, a nun in the Catholic faith, is going to change the culture of India, caste system and all? This in itself is either stupid or naive. She wasn’t a revolutionary. She was a nun. You expect a nun to be pro abortion? I expect that he thought the Pope wasn’t going to be Catholic? Common on, man… they say in football. As I said before, what exactly did Hitchens do for his fellow man, other than write, and make money for himself, and “pontificate”. That, he was good at. So the Pope and him, both pontificate, just in different directions. Only the pope has more humility. And I’m not even Catholic.

    • smijer

      She wouldn’t have been the first pro-choice Catholic. But leave abortion out of it – she taught the people who revered her that women had no right to avoid pregnancy at all. They could not divorce, they could not use contraception. She supported the idea that women – if they ever married – had a compulsory role as baby-making machines. The poverty in India was rooted largely in overpopulation – and women who could stay alive, healthy, and out of the nursery could have each made a bigger difference in their own family than all of MT’s contributions ever did. 

      The Pope sees himself as God’s spokesman on earth. I don’t see how that’s exactly more humble than Chris Hitchens- but you are right. Neither can get much credit for any actions other than being a loudmouth. It is a valid criticism of Hitchens that he rarely put his money or body where his mouth is.  That doesn’t take away the force of his criticism of MT.