Stormtroopers vs. Baby Jesus

The stormtroopers are hot on the heels of the Magi, and send their human conscripts to Bethlehem to try to kill the child. But even though Luke Skywalker gets there too late, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus have escaped to safety…

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  • macka

    Sorry – that is just terrible

  • Bradley C.

    Look! Dro[magi]ids!

  • James F. McGrath

    Clearly I need some better video editing software if I am to make mash-ups that are any good (e.g. to be able to not merely add sound but replace a small bit of sound). Any suggestions?

    • Gary

      I downloaded VideoPad Video Editor, the trial version, free. Liked it, so I bought the $69 version, and had no problems with it. Although I am not an expert on the subject…but it works for me. Don’t know if it would be better or worse than your current software.