The New Jerusalem Borg Cube? Jesus is Coming, You Will Be Assimilated!

jesoborgI didn’t get the chance to post about this yesterday when the two blog posts about it came to my attention. Fitting squarely in the intersection of religion and science fiction – in the category of religion as sci-fi and/or sci-fi as religion – is the suggestion made by a religious group that an approaching comet is in fact the return of Jesus and the New Jerusalem.

Being as high as it is wide, the New Jerusalem apparently will take the form of a Borg cube.

That would be strange enough. But according to the Luciferian Liberation Front, it is GOD that is coming.

And by God, they mean a Galactic Obliteration Device – G.O.D.

The best weird stories will typically turn up more bizarre images that could amusingly accompany them than would fit alongside the text about them, and so keep scrolling down for a couple more…

Read the original articles at IO9 and Skeptic.


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  • Ken Brown

    I’ll never read Revelation the same way again…

    A Borg Cube! Why did that never occur to me before! 😉

  • Michael Wilson

    When I was in high school I envisioned the New Jerusakem as such. I don’t know about your experience James, but Southern Baptist tend to encourage these sort of literalist interpretations of visions.

    On something completely unrelated, I learned today that Vardis Fisher taught english at the University of Montana, just a few hours away from where I’m attending school. small world.