The New Testament Scholar Who Stole Christmas?

An op-ed piece I wrote, with the title “The New Testament Scholar Who Stole Christmas?”, has appeared in The Bible and Interpretation. Click through to read it, and feel free to share any thoughts you may have about it in the comments section here!

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  • Keika

    In Japan they take a day off and celebrate on the 5th of May every year, Kodomo no Hi, or ‘Children’s Day.’  Initially begun around 593 A.D. to celebrate the boys and then later, both boy and girl’s happiness.  Can Christmas be nothing less than celebrating the happiness born in every child, beginning with the first one born in that Holy manger, circa 5 A.D.?

    Or was it 2 A.D.?  7 A.D.?   

    • James F. McGrath

      Or perhaps 6 BC, if one goes by Matthew’s Gospel? :-)

  • Keika

    It amazes me we can date the Big Bang back 13.7 billion years and can’t get a fix on a date like, the death of John the Baptist.  I would like to know that myself.

  • mattkelley

    You have former students who are skilled in Seussian verse. Just saying…

    • James F. McGrath

      If you’d care to give a try,
      All would be glad – above all I!