Coyotes by the Creek

Today I spotted a pair of animals just across the creek behind my house, which immediately struck me as being too large to be foxes. They have been hanging around, which gave me a chance to get a decent look at them, although they tend not to stand still for photos, and when they do, they camouflage well…

So now I add coyotes to the long list of interesting wildlife that I’ve seen in my back yard or near the creek that runs behind it. Squirrels, chipmunks, moles, deer, foxes, raccoon, beavers, and now coyotes – not to mention the interesting birds, including the impressive pileated woodpeckers.

As a native of New York City, I must say I take great delight in being able to now be in a fairly large city and yet also at the same time intersect (at a safe distance) with nature!

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