It’s a Biblical Studies Carnival, Jim, But Not As We Know It!

Jim Linville has posted the latest Biblical Studies Carnival, and it is full of humor, Biblical studies, and sci-fi (with a particularly large dose of Terry Pratchett). Click through to read and enjoy it!

Thank you, Jim, for a delightful carnival!

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  • Erp

    I do wonder how much of a divide there is between those who like Speculative Fiction and those who don’t in the clerical/theological world?

    • James F. McGrath

      I would say that it varies as much as anywhere, and that the divide is nowhere as sharp as is the divide between the clerical/theological world and that of religious studies, which Jim Linville and I work in. :-)

  • Brian

    I would hope neither are incompatiable, since it would seem the former [theology]tries to articulate a worldview as a whole using philosophical terms whereas the other [religious studies], studies the development of the individual bits and peices that make up the world view, that believers call there own.

    • James F. McGrath