Jerusalem in Video: 1896-2012

A bit of historic footage from Jerusalem in 1896 has appeared on YouTube (HT John Byron):

YouTube Preview Image

And from Dănuţ Mănăstireanu, the first in a planned series of videos from a justice tour he participated in.

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  • Michael Wilson

    Vridar is running one of the clips. Unfortuantely he pulled his from a site that even Earl Doherty found questionable.

    “A quick skim of Atzmon’s blog suggests that he is a rabid anti-Israeli (even if he is a Jew, which I assume) whose tone and innuendo puts him virtually on the same level as a Holocaust denier. There seemed even to be an insinuation in that direction in one of his postings.”
    “I really think that this topic should be eschewed. (It has nothing to do with Christian origins.) ”
    Neil disagrees, because he thinks Christian origins can be manipulated for politcal cause. weird, yes, but everyone has their part to do.

    • James F. McGrath

      It is always interesting to see what happens when another area of denialism comes up in a discussion between those who are enthusiastic adherents to one form of denialism…

    • James F. McGrath

      It is always interesting to see what happens when a different sort of denialism comes up in a conversation between enthusiastic adherents of one sort of denialism…

  • Gary

    When I took a tour of Jerusalem, the guide on the bus commented rather negatively, on a rather large group of Israeli (Jewish) women who were holding signs advocating peace with the Palestinians…this was around ’99. So there is a peace movement in Israel, although I don’t know what the percentage is. Not everyone in Israel supports the current right wing government.

    • Gary

      Group was mothers for peace.