New Technology for Dealing with Slow Walkers

This video from Japan shows the latest in cutting-edge, innovative technology, designed to allow fast walkers to circumvent slower ones.

You know you’ve wanted to be able to do this. So what is it? A jetpack? Levitating surfboard? Watch and see!

YouTube Preview Image

Apparently these are already available in some stores in the English-speaking world.

HT Jonathan Robinson

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  • PorlockJunior

    Do Japanese really part like the Red Sea on hearing a seeming bicycle bell?
    Kids, don’t try this in Iceland! (If Michael Lewis is to be believed; see Boomerang)
    Even closer to home, I would not try it in New York, the fastness of which is much exaggerated, but the combativeness not so much.

  • Christopher John Sissons

    A brilliant idea!  The only problem is that when a cyclist does this to you, they’re on their way before your fist contacts their chin.  But the rate some people walk, programming their phones, you should be able to get away from them before they work out you’re not on wheels.

  • James F. McGrath

    Chris, that’s a good point – but thankfully simce they are annoyingly slow walkers, those who use this to pass them should be safe. :-)

    Porlock, you are absolutely right, it would not work in New York. But it would be fun to make a video in response to this one showing someone trying to use this new Japanese technology in New York, and being ignored, given the finger, and eventually beaten up.

    Sometimes I wish I still lived there…

  • Gary

    Commentary on societies. Bell works in Japan, doesn’t work in NY. 9mm Baretta works in NY.