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"I hypothesize that vocal atheists are reacting to the version of Christianity that has damaged ..."

Not Loving the Bible
"John - I didn’t mean to argue that there is or isn’t a God/God’s. Or ..."

Not Loving the Bible
"The Gethsemane Pericope shows Jesus in a terrible panic, begging God to change His plan ..."

Not Loving the Bible
"Jesus is not just a 'prophet'. As for 'We also see the impotence of Jesus' ..."

Not Loving the Bible

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  • Mel Schriver

    If you are collecting these science and religion cartoons have you seen this one? I think “Science it quickly!” could be the rallying cry of the new atheists.


  • Geoff Hudson

    Why secular reasoning?  Why not reasoning?  

  • Geoff Hudson

    You recommended reading Geza Vermes.  He writes an article Jews, Christians and Judeao Christians here: 
    http://www.standpointmag.co.uk/node/4204/full  His interpretations of the NT are about as conventional as you ever get. (See the 3rd, 4th, and 5th paragraphs of his article).   


  • JDatty

    Of course modern secular reasoning has provided Gulags, mass abortion on demand for any and all purposes including sex selection, eugenics laws, and all the weapons of mass destruction necessary for the elimination of civilization.

    Those darn Hebrews had some 600 laws to live under…modern secular humankind has Thousands of laws to live under, many of which can, upon violation, get you the death penalty or years in a Federal Ass Pounding Institution.

    • It’s funny, I don’t find many secular reasoners who support Gulags or eugenics. I’m not aware that those living in North America where Christianity has a stronger influence than in perhaps any other part of the world it kept us from developing and stockpiling nuclear weapons. And the only way to excuse the ancient Hebrews of genocide is to point out that the historical evidence suggests that at least the majority of those who became part of ancient Israel were Canaanites, and so the alleged genocides under Joshua most likely never occured. That didn’t keep it from being enshrined in their laws, however – laws which most Jews and Christians today, using secular reasoning, choose not to follow or enforce.

  • JDatty

    Using Secular Reasoning the world is armed to the teeth which weapons that could destroy civilization in an afternoon.

    SCIENCE has provided a basis for genocide that will not only wipe out whole peoples but conceivably poison the earth for generations, perhaps even to the extent of ensuring that NO generations will ever arise again.

    As for eugenics, what do you think abortion for the elimination of the unfit and undesirable constitutes.  Secular Reasoning fully justifies that.  Just ask our true Gods, the Supreme Court Justices.

  • JDatty

    By the way, those darn genocidal Hebrews!  If only they had just shut up and not fought back they could have been wiped out way back when, and, as Christopher Hitchens (RIPN) said, “We could have been spared the whole thing”. (GINC, page 274. hb)