The Latest on the Indiana Creationism Bill: Adding Still Other Views on Creation

“Unconstitutional Crusade Hurts Critical Thinking” is the title of a letter to the editor which appeared in today’s Indianapolis Star about the creationism bill that is going before Indiana’s senate. You can read it online.

Also in the news today, as reported by the Daily Reporter and Skeptic, was the fact that the bill was amended to require that anyone teaching about religious creation theories include the full range of these and not only Judeo-Christian ones.

The aim of that amendment is to make those who are trying to promote their own religion in science classes think twice, but if this law is passed in a form that relates to science classes, even teaching about a range of non-scientific religious viewpoints will not lessen the inappropriateness of the legislation.

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  • That’s getting very funny! If the bill passes, there will be debates about which other religions are represented. I guess Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism will be among those, but they are many more. Then next debate: how long each creation stories will be explained in relation with each other? It would be unfair to have the Judeo Christian one take 99% of the time, with only 1% for the other ones!
    If the bill passes, more debates will follow as for the implementation, but it may wise up the kids about religions when confronted with many fancy old unscientific tales.