The Sledding Crow

Modern science has provided heaps of evidence of ways in which humans and other animals are similar. Does this video offer yet another example? Do you think this crow was sledding just for fun? Or is there some other explanation for its actions, and if so, what might that explanation be?

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  • Xcntrik

    Sarah Burke reincarnated.

  • Keika

    Once upon an off-ramp weary, I stopped to pump the Techron clearly.  While I nodded, came a rapping, a tapping at my gas cap door.  “Tis some visitor,” I muttered, snapping, snatching off my gas cap to soar, away to sled in snow.
    Giddy from the heady, methyl-ether crowbar.  

  • Gary

    We have ravens here, and they have a complex social structure and a large range of calls. They fly around in large social groups. I’ve seen them many times gang together to chase away a hawk from their territory. The only difference between the crow sledding, and a human teenager sliding off a roof, is that the human would have a beer in his hands.