Time Travel and the Bible

The blog Unreasonable Faith shared this cartoon, a Bible/Back to the Future mash up:

It would presumably have been worth posting just for its humor value, and because it brings together two major themes of this blog – religion and science fiction.

But I think it could actually lead nicely to some interesting and at least semi-serious discussion.

If you had a time machine, what parts of the Bible would you go back and suggest be rewritten or perhaps omitted altogether (rather like Hurley on LOST writing an “improved” script for Return of the Jedi)? What changes would you make, and why?

There are only some instances in which an intervention of the sort depicted in the cartoon would have made a significant difference. In others, the stories circulated orally before being written down, and so even kidnapping the author might not prevent their being written, much less simply stealing the original manuscript.

Let’s hear from readers. If you had a time machine, what, if anything, would you try to change in the Bible, and why?

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