Torchwood: Reset

This episode seems like the ultimate LOST/Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover. Martha Jones teams up with Torchwood to take on…Charles Widmore (actually, Professor Copley, played by Alan Dale).

The similarity would have been there even if the same actor who played Widmore on LOST had not had the role he did in this episode. We still find his character as the head of a company which does unusual medical research on people.

The show seemed at one point to almost be quoting verbatim an episode of Doctor Who from the William Hartnell era, “The Savages.” In both that episode and “Reset” the argument is made that “all progress is based on exploitation.

The issue is worth thinking and talking about. How many of the things we take for granted – whether medicines, technologies, or simply a situation of relative economic comfort – are due to or connected with exploitation, whether historic or present, whether direct or indirect?

Would you be willing to give those things up if the exploitation could be stopped or undone?

If not, then now you know why exploitation and injustice exist.

There’s not much in the way of explicit religious themes in this episode – except for this one shot of what happens to Martha as she is working to stop what is going on.

There is no way to combat injustice and evil in the world that doesn’t involve suffering.


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    Alan Dale is, of course, one of an elite group of actors who have appeared in both the Doctor Who and Star Trek franchises. Others include Simon Pegg, David Warner, Deep Roy, John de Lancie and Nana Visitor.