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The Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society conference is coming up soon, and while I have tended in recent years to attend and present at the Midwest SBL meeting, because Indiana is at the place where the two regions meet, I have at times attended the Eastern Great Lakes conference and found it a wonderful experience. The deadline for proposals is coming up soon. Part of the call for papers is reproduced below, but click through for more information and fuller details.

The Eastern Great Lakes Biblical Society will hold its 2012 Annual Meeting on March 22-23 at the Days Inn & Suites in Richfield, Ohio.

A learned society of Biblical scholars sponsored in part by the American Schools of Oriental Research, the Catholic Biblical Association, & the Society of Biblical Literature, the EGLBS invites paper or poster-session proposals from members of any of these organizations, scholars in higher education, ministers, students (with a professor’s nomination), and other interested parties.

Please note that EGLBS is not affiliated with the American Academy of Religion. While AAR members are welcome to participate in EGLBS meetings, paper proposals on topics unrelated to the Ancient Near East and/or the Bible and cognate literature ought to be directed elsewhere (e.g., to AAR Midwest or the Ohio Academy of Religion).


Paper proposals will be considered under the following categories. Select the category that best fits your paper topic and send the necessary information to the appropriate Convener(s) by electronic mail.

NB: In order to foster wider participation, individuals are limited to one presentation at the annual meeting. If you are making multiple proposals, make sure to inform the appropriate conveners and indicate which of the presentations you would prefer to give (since only one per person is permitted).

The deadline for receipt of paper proposals for the 2012 annual meeting (including any necessary supporting materials) is 17 February 2011.

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