Make Everything OK

There is a web site featuring a magic button that makes everything OK. How did I not hear about this until today? You’ll find it at the appropriately-named web address  Click through and make everything OK!

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  • Gary

    OK, except the paypal button to donate to “Hungry Programmers”. This is alittle like the homeless person with the sign “Need money. I won’t lie. I need a beer”.

  • spinkham

    Did the planet just become “mostly harmless”?

  • Geoff Hudson

    James, have you read Magness’s book Stone, Dung, Oil and Spit yet?  

    • James F. McGrath

      Geoff, what does that have to do with this post? Could you not find a more appropriate place to ask that question? The answer is that I am reading it now. In the future, kindly post comments that are in some way relevant to the blog post or otherwise contact me by some other means. Thank you.