Missing Alcatraz? What if you could take a pill to forget that you’re missing it?

Alcatraz isn’t on tonight, but I’ve been meaning for some time to discuss one of the interesting ideas raised on the show. It’s one that other sci-fi has explored before: the idea that memories make us who we are, and that there could be a treatment for twisted thinking or simply intense sadness or anger or trauma by deleting memories.

IO9 has an article on the real life science of memory alteration. And on a related note, Epiphenom has a blog post about the possibility of a pill that could remove your religious impulse.

If you could add a memory that would give you courage, or remove one that would eliminate a phobia, would you do so? If you could add religious sentiment where you lack it, or remove it where you have it, would you do so? I’d be interested to hear what people have to say on this topic.

It won’t make you forget that Alcatraz isn’t on. But it may help pass the time.

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