The Burial of Jesus: Second Edition Published!

I am happy to finally be able to announce that the second edition of my book The Burial of Jesus: What Does History Have to Do with Faith? has now been released by Patheos Press and is now available for purchase in Kindle format on

Versions in Nook and iBooks format are planned for the near future.

The price on is $2.99, and this is indeed a revised and improved edition, and so even if you previously purchased the first edition of The Burial of Jesus you will presumably still have an interest in this one.

I’ll be getting in touch with some other bloggers about reviewing the book, and there will be some op-eds and videos that I’ll be writing/recording in the coming days and weeks, on topics that the book touches on. If you are a blogger interested in the possibility of reviewing the book, do get in touch via e-mail or some other means of private messaging to indicate your interest, and let me know your daily pageview statistics.

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  • Re: The Burial of Jesus, Second Edition.  Your final chapter remains one of my favorites.  It is simply beautifully crafted.  I’m glad you didn’t change a word of it.

    I don’t own a Kindle reader, but I like to read ebooks on my 23″ computer monitor because my eyesight is getting bad with old age.  And on my big screen this edition of “The Burial of Jesus” is a joy to read.  It paragraphs well, I can see almost two pages from the book on every keyboard click of the right arrow key. 

    Changes?  Just between the professor and me.  “Davidic Messiah,” “eleven Apostles,” “It not impossible,” was that a grammar mistake?  Book shares same.  “Possible, to “not impossible Jesus rose from the tomb.”  Curious.  Faith or science fiction, but you explain.  I’ll stop.  😉

    Additions.  Good stuff!  Tracking back, to the “Stranger on the shore.”  I believe that Jesus was the Disciple’s meal ticket.  And they were spoiled by the adulation and attention, food and money that Jesus was able to attract.  When Jesus was betrayed, the Disciples ran fearing the Roman whip.  After Jesus was gone they came to realize that he was their last meal.  They had to get out and become fishermen again.  I have always enjoyed the way you explain this possible resurrection sighting scenario.

    Professor, you are giving this ebook away for just $2.99.  It’s worth 3 times that.  I’ve enjoyed immensely the paperback and now the Kindle edition.  I’m no scholar, just a fan.  Everybody should read this in first and second edition presentations.  Congratulations on the fine job!

    • Keika, thanks for such a careful reading and comparison! I’m glad it sounds like I managed to fix a few errors and improve the wording, and add some details in places, without removing anything that ought to have stayed the same! 🙂

  • Brant

    Congratulations on your 2nd edition! I have had your book on my list to purchase “one of these days.” Though I prefer a real book with actual pages (I’m more a dinosaur than a Luddite) I couldn’t resist the price and downloaded the Kindle edition. I’m looking forward to reading this!

  • Just Sayin’

    If paper was good enough for St. Paul it’s good enough for me!

  • Alex A Dalton

    James – what is different about this edition? 

    • There are a lot of minor changes – improvements to wording and small clarifications of points. But in terms of more substantive changes the main difference is additional discussion of the Talpiot Tomb, taking into account some of the more recent claims and discussions since the book first appeared.

      And, of course, that it is an ebook! 🙂