Two Theological Libraries

This is the latest cartoon from David Hayward, aka Naked Pastor. I find it makes rather effectively the important point that alleged belief in the authority or clearness of Scripture does not prevent enormous differences of interpretation and disagreements.

"That makes perfect sense to me! ^_^ Anyone else agree?"

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  • Though, to be fair to the belief in the perspicuity of Scripture the claim was not that everyone would agree on every detail, but that the basic stuff that was really important was also really clear. Love God with all you’ve got, love your neighbour like yourself, don’t judge others harshly etc… all pretty damn clear. 

    It requires a clever theologian to preach against that stuff. The sad thing is there are too many clever theologians around 😉

    • Or to put it another way, the clear stuff is short, sweet, and what we ought to be able to agree on. And so the problem is not that there are relatively few things that we can and should be able to agree on, but that we fill up so many books and give so much focus to the matters of dispute, that those things end up getting all the attention, cluttering our shelves so much that we miss the things that should be clear, simple, and straightforward…