What Do Conservative Christians Conserve?

Via Dănuţ Mănăstireanu I learned of a blog post by Richard Rohr entitled “Christian Conservatives seldom Conserve the Real Tradition” which seems to me to deserve to be widely circulated, read, and discussed. Rohr writes:

Why do I mistrust so much Christian “conservativism”?

1) It usually wants to “conserve” a very recent version of history or Christianity (theirs!)

2) It is almost always tied to money and power, which seems very unlike Jesus.

3) It loves the status quo too much, which is really to love one’s own comfort, security, and status.

4) It seldom loves the poor or the outsider, which Jesus consistently loved.

5) It invariably makes “pevlic issues” the test case instead of what Jesus consistently emphasized: power, arrogance, pride, superiority, delusion, and hypocrisy.

6) But most of all, because conservatives tend to be so humorless, unable to smile, and can very seldom critique or naturally laugh at their own limitations, biases, or blindnesses. (Tell me one!) It takes way too much energy to protect the

whole and total truth and there is so little joy or freedom left for the rest of life.

7) To be fair, many progressives and liberals are just as bad.

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  • rmwilliamsjr

    it comes as much an indictment to me as it does an observation of someone else’s behavior. i’m not by inclination a very cheerful person. but that aside, thoughtful issues.

  • angievandemerwe

    James, religion is cultural bias. And since our culture allows for diversity, then, one cannot stereotype what conservatism means. Some “Christian coservatives” are interested in our fiscal well being as a nation, but aren’t particularly driven or drawn to conservative social values. There are as may variances as individuals in our country because we allow for the individual to distinguish and distinctify what their values will be. This is what angers me about simplistic models about political issues….and one’s allegance being an either/or….