Anything but a Fish with Love Handles Talpiot Round-Up

Here’s a round-up of the latest on the Talpiot tombs and related matters.

James Tabor blogged that some seem inclined to say that the image on the ossuary is “anything but a fish.” Bob Cargill agrees. Bob also commented on Nina Burleigh’s article (the article itself is here).

Antonio Lombatti has an article in The Bible and Interpretation on fish iconography in tombs.

Steve Caruso has more discussion of image perspective adjustment, with examples.

Tom Verenna talks about the wider issue of data interpretation.

Ben Witherington shared a link to Larry Hurtado’s post about earlier claims comparable to those made about the Talpiot tombs.

The Times of Israel highlighted the fact that we have only one lone piece of archaeological evidence for the practice of crucifixion.

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