Doctor Who New Series Season 7 Trailer

Here’s the trailer for the new season of Doctor Who. HT IO9

At :54 seconds into the clip, there is a person who as it flashes by looks like it could be William Hartnell’s Doctor! If you actually stop the video there, the resemblance evaporates on closer inspection. But precisely because the First Doctor visited Tombstone in the days of the wild west, and the first episode of the new season is a wild west themed episode, I suppose I was predisposed to think maybe, just maybe, the First Doctor (played by a lookalike) and the Eleventh might cross paths.

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  • skinman

    I’m feeling more than a little giddy now that I’ve watched that twice.  That scene with Amy an a revolver is priceless.

  • cameronhorsburgh


    One of the things I missed about the last season were episodes set in Earth history. Apart from a brief appearance by Adolph Hitler I don’t remember any. Hopefully a trip to the Wild West might fix that.

    I also felt shades of Star Wars in that trailer. Not to mention Red Dwarf.

  • goodacre

    cameronhorsburgh: Nixon? Moon-landing?

    Know what you mean, James; that chap does look a bit like the first doctor, which means that it will not, of course, be him.  I still like the idea that 11 = a younger version of 1.

  • Smilyfrenchy

    It looks like David Bradley, the actor who played Filch, the caretaker of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies.