If You Don’t Talk To Your Kids About Philosophy, Who Will?

From Philosophy News via Marc Cortez

"No hurry. Blogs should never be a priority over real life activities."

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  • Funny !
    I have forbidden my children to drink milk or read philosophy until they are adults.  My strategy:  their adolescent rebellion will inevitably drive them to sneak off to the woods with a stolen jug of milk and a good philosophy book from my bookshelf — giggling the whole way there.

    PS: could you petition PATHEOS to stop the frickin’ pop-up adds!  Damn it!

    • @Sabio:disqus and @aaronpxian:disqus , have you had the pop-up ad appear more than once a day on the same computer? It is not supposed to do that. I can live with some advertising since it is what funds things, but I really don’t want it to be a nuisance. I spoke with the folks at Patheos about it, and they said that it should not happen more than once in a 24 hour period on the same IP address. If it does, perhaps you could let me know the browser and OS, since maybe something isn’t working right. Thanks!

  • aar9n

    Nice! And second to the pop up ads comment.

  • Walter

    Firefox with noscript add-on equals no pop ups.

  • Bradley Compton

    This is probably the best thing I will see all day!  I have a 4 year old and a 10 month old, we listen to a history of philosophy podcast every weekend at breakfast.  After this I fear for their future.

  • Jay

    To be honest, I’m also a little concerned about the Kant.  But at least it isn’t Heidigger.

  • morty

    ah yes, doubting is the epitome of all intellectual achievement.   so much has been done in this world by doubters.   if only the faithful could see the light!