James McGrath + Miley Cyrus + Lawrence Krauss – Friendly Atheist = Richard Dawkins?

I’ve gotten quite a number of visitors today from the Richard Dawkins Foundation web site, via a repost there of my recent blog entry about Miley Cyrus, and her tweet of a paraphrase of something Laurence Krauss said.

The byline of the repost there says “James McGrath – Friendly Atheist.”

I’m not sure whether someone has mistaken me for Hemant Mehta, or felt the need to indicate that the post was written by me without him (construing the dash as a minus sign).

Several commenters there note this oddity too.

Any thoughts on this? Any plausible or ludicrous but entertaining explanations of what is going on with this?

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  • Inigo Montoya

    “Exploding our Cakemix.” I like it!

  • Erp

    Perhaps the poster was originally going to quote more of Hemant.  It might be interesting having you and Hemant get together and have a friendly discussion (perhaps with cake as Anglicans are wont to do).

  • Not sure what happened there!  Maybe they saw the word Patheos and assumed I had something to do with it or something?  Just a mixup, I’m sure.  In the meantime, I hear we should do battle! 🙂

    • “Do battle” is an interesting interpretation of “have a friendly discussion over cake”! 🙂 But either way it sounds like fun…

  • Erp

    I suspect some Anglican teas (with cake) have involved cutting remarks (and in Agatha Christie novels, murder) but that was not what I envisioned.   There must be some common ground.  I don’t know whether Hemant is a SF fan though a discussion of Christian and atheistic humanist views of SF could be interesting.  Or go for some blood with Ethics, basis of.