St. Patrick and Medusa on a Blind Date

A slightly early and very bizarre happy St. Patrick’s Day wish to you, courtesy of Bizarro.

HT Targuman

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  • angievandemerwe

    Patriarchal history meets the “evil” mythological Greek goddess…making an example of Medusa is important for patriarchal¬†religious judgment!

    • James F. McGrath

      I actually thought about adding an apology to any Greek polytheists who might consider this an offensive intimation of Christian superiority (Christian saint banishes her snakes, rather than his being turned to stone by her). But I waited because I was curious whether anyone else would pick up on the same thing!

      • angievandemerwe

        James, I don’t like “faith” claims about “God”, nor do I like “mystery” to explain things. So, I would not side on philosophy being of value in “imparting knowledge”. Knowledge is gained by the disciplines and is modern, not post-modern. Post-modernity has no rationality. I am much more prone to defend rational choice, personal values under a Constitutional government, than I am historicizing myth, traditional conditioning of values, and tribal hierarchy.

  • Phil R

    It’s a joke, folks, it’s a joke!!
    You need to watch Letterman more

  • George Justfugdacopolous

    This man Patrick who has shorn the snakes from my goddess Medusae, who him that he so with the power? Him the catholic of strong and us the greek of weaknesses? Is easy, no? Medusae turn him to alabaster with a look of her eye? The snake, no? 

  • larry trasciatti

    Christianity IS superior to other religions. It’s simply false (meaning evil) humility that dares to claim otherwise

    • jesusisajoke

      you’re an idiot

      and your unfounded superiority complex doesn’t jive with being humble-you know-that stuff that dude jesus was always talking about

      see you in hell, genius