The Cheerful Apocalypticist

From today’s Speed Bump.

More serious discussion of apocalypticism and the expectation of the end of the world soon…

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  • aar9n

    Dr. Mcgrath, where do you stand on the historical Jesus debate: Do you think Jesus was an apocalyptic prophet like Bart Ehrman, or do you side with Marcus Borg and J.D. Crossan and think he is a Jewish mystic/healer/prophet? and why?
    Is it true like Ehrman said one of his books that most mainline scholarship believes he was an apocalyptic prophet, because I read in my Intro to the Bible book by John Barton that most do not think that and side with Borg Crossan and the Jesus Seminar…

    • James F. McGrath

      I am on the apocalyptic side rather than the Jesus Seminar side of that divide.

  • Gary
  • James Goetz

    Hi James McGrath,

    I appreciate this because my view of conditional futurism indicates that all apocalyptic doom is conditional, which could possibly be cheerful for everybody : -)