Which is the more likely cause of tornados – God, natural phenomena, or pastors full of hot air?

A lot of people are responding to comments by people such as Pat Robertson and John Piper about recent tornados causing devastation in Indiana and elsewhere. Many are atheist and similar blogs, such as Hemant Mehta, A God-Sized Puzzle, Atheist Revolution and Skeptic. Fortunately some Christian blogs, such as Matthew Paul Turner, Internet Monk, and Bo Sanders offer criticisms of these folks from a Christian perspective, so that it does not seem like merely outsiders who criticize the theological devastation caused by these out of control whirlwinds of pastoral hot air.

When people like Pat Robertson say things like this (getting so close, recognizing meteorological causes, then blaming it on among other things a lack of storm-stilling faith)…

…I will simply point out once again that the impression they give of God is still this:

And even to the extent that Pat Robertson explicitly rejects the idea of God sending tornadoes, I still imagine God as understood by most Christians addressing Pat Robertson in this way, in response to what he did say:

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