Moses Pranks Jesus


Cartoon removed at cartoonist’s request – please visit the cartoonist’s web site to see it!

HT Jim West

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  • PorlockJunior

    Cheap shot.


    And never forget, Jesus saves, Moses invests, and Mohammad prophets.

  • Dan Reynolds

    Please remove my Moses cartoon from this site as it is being used without having been licensed and you are copyright infringing.  If you’d like to license its use, you can contact me via

    Dan Reynolds

    • I will happily remove any cartoon at the request of its creator. Is there some way that I can verify that you are the original cartoonist? I am happy to comply – as you can see from the watermark, this was shared on an online image-sharing site by someone else, and so no copyright infringement was intended, and so I apologize for having posted it here without attribution or permission – as you can see, the cartoon as it reached me doesn’t seem to have any indication of who created it or what series if any it appeared in. So again, I hope you will accept my sincere apology, and as soon as you provide some evidence that you are its creator it will be removed at once.

    • Never mind – searching for your name, I found your web site, and have removed the cartoon. Apologies again for having passed it on without knowing where it was from – and please do also accept my great appreciation for this and other cartoons you’ve created, which I enjoyed very much!