Names in the Talpiot Tombs

Kevin Kilty and Mark Elliot have an article in The Bible and Interpretation about the names in Talpiot Tomb A. Jim West also linked to it. Among other things, it asks whether it is implausible that Jesus could have had a son named Judah.

Bob Cargill opined that each new photo from the Talpiot tombs raises problems for recent claims about them, and he satirically offered a “Jonah Ossuary Corporate Logo”:

Jim Davila, Jim West, and Ben Witherington linked to a piece by Craig Evans in the Huffington Post about the patio tomb.

Mike Heiser discussed what Bob Cargill wrote, and Jim West asked what James Charlesworth really thinks.

And of course, this post is just my latest round-up of discussion that is continuing in the blogosphere.

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