Talpiot Tomb/Good Friday-Easter/Passover Round-Up

Since the book and documentary promoting the view that Talpiot Tomb B is connected with the earliest Christians was timed to coincide with the Easter season, it is unsurprising that the attention to it is growing. And it seems appropriate to blog about the Talpiot tombs on a day which is all about Jesus’s body not being found in a particular tomb. Here are some key links and videos.

First, you can visit the place where Jesus most likely was actually executed and buried without leaving your home.

Richard Bauckham has a piece on the interpretative options related to the four-line inscription, which is shared on Larry Hurtado’s blog.

Mark Goodacre noticed that the range of dates when Talpiot tomb B was in use spans dates before the time of Jesus, which would mean that Jesus had disciples before Jesus was around.

Bob Cargill shared a piece on the “Jonah ossuary” from the Washington Post.

The Discovery Channel has promotional videos. Here is one about whether the tomb in Talpiot was Joseph of Arimathea’s:

There’s also a “How Stuff Works” video on Simcha Jacobovici documentaries.

Some people took Mark Goodacre’s spoof about spotting the face of Jesus in the Talpiot tomb seriously.

In response, Bob Cargill posted this:

There is a blog and Twitter account focused on the documentary. Bob Cargill has an image focusing on why Twitter is appealing to them.

Brian LePort links to Simcha Jacobovici and Craig Evans on the Drew Carey show.

Michael Heiser compares Jesus archaeology to professional wrestling. Jim West has a question for Simcha Jacobovici about the Haredim and antisemitism.

Tripp Fuller gets high marks for a great title with his post “There’s Wonder Working Symbolic Power in the Blood.” Initial Explorations quotes Marcus Borg on why Jesus was crucified.

Helek Tov asks whether the Last Supper was a Passover Seder.

Mike Kok drew some conclusions about the existence of a pre-Markan passion narrative.

The Sacred Page discusses the practice of crucifixion.

Morag Kersel has a warning about shopping for antiquities in the Holy Land.

CNN has a good piece which “gives both sides” in the discussion of mythicism, while not refraining from giving ample space to those who fairly criticize its shortcomings.

Jeff Carter has been reading Marxsen’s book on the resurrection.

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