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I previously tried to post this but was unsuccessful, and so I am trying again. Blog reader Keika made this video opening credits for the blog:

He also made an extended version which features both Darth Vader and a Gorn as creationist foes. Watch what I do to them! :-)

Thanks, Keika, for both of these!

If you can’t see the embedded videos, then hopefully you can at least click through to see them.

The music is of course John Williams’ “Lost in Space” which I may indeed seem to be much of the time…

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  • Brad Matthies

    I can’t believe you phasered the poor Gorn! LOL

  • Keika

    Professor, email me your 15 second answer to Vader and we’ll make this video the way it should be.  A wav or mp3 file will be just fine.   :-)

  • mattkelley

    They had you phasering the Gorn wearing an original series Captain shirt, but the music is Movie 1/TNG. Hmm….

    • Keika

      Actually, Matt the music is from “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.”  The original cast was in that 1979 turkey.  Thankfully, Jerry Goldsmith’s music survived into the next generation.