What Happens When Young-Earth Creationism and Geological Timescales are Combined?

You get this (created by Jolyon Ralph, HT PZ Myers):

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  • PorlockJunior

    That is brilliant. So much clearer than the tired old 1-year timeline I grew sick of long ago. Funnnier, anyway.

  • http://www.thinkandwonderwonderandthink.blogspot.com/ DoOrDoNot

    The Memphis zoo needs to incorporate this timeline into their temporary Dinosaur exhibit to give it some coherence. I just took my son there yesterday for a field trip. Most of the exhibit shows no signs of influence from Ken Ham. However, the placard at the end of the exhibit lists several theories for how the dinosaurs  became extinct. It lists asteroids, climate change, disease, and…a global flood from about 4000 BC! No kidding. There was no explanation for how this squares with all the placards throughout the exhibit describing the millions of years ago when the dinos lived. It was disturbing to see this made it into the zoo.