Hotel Kibbutz Shefayim

We reached our hotel, and on the way in the bus the tour guide shared a bit about practical considerations and logistics, what we will be doing tomorrow, and so on. At the hotel we had time to freshen up before eating a buffet dinner with food that was for the most part not too exotic and not too hard to identify.


Tomorrow we will visit Caesarea Maritimia, an important historic city with evidence of the way different cultures have intersected in and left their mark upon this region. Tomorrow night we will be in Haifa. We should be able to post on the blog again then. Hopefully when we have free wi-fi access at some point, there will be some posts from individual students about aspects of their experience on the course blog.


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  • Jona

    Do not forget the small mosque (hard to miss: next to the place where you buy coffee). It’s easily recognized as Ottoman and built by people from the Balkan Peninsula. And indeed, it was built in the nineteenth century, and is an interesting sign of the relocation of people in those days; there were also Circassians who were settled in Jordan, and Jews who moved to Palestine.

    If you’re traveling with students, this is an interesting point for debate: given that the Zionists were not the only settlers, what does Palestinian claim to be autochtonous actually mean? We discussed it in the bus, did not reach a conclusion, but did not like arriving in Megiddo, because the debate was quite interesting.

    Enjoy your trip through that fascinating part of the world, the Middle East.

  • Don’t forget to pass the camera to an acquaintance (or friendly stranger) so you have pictures of yourself with your students!

  • Otherwise we’ll just have to consider your “trip to Israel” a myth!