Jerusalem, Jaffa, and Tel Aviv

We made it through passport control and customs at Tel Aviv airport, in what seems like record time. The early hour of the morning helped. So now I can blog about the day’s events.


We started off at the traditional site of the last supper, in what would have been the upper city of Jerusalem in Jesus’ time. We also saw a site some consider the tomb of David, passed through the Armenian Quarter, and even had time for a little shopping in the Old City too.

From there we traveled to Old Jaffa, which we would have visited on the first day of our time in Israel if we had had time.

After visiting the Church of St. Peter (where he supposedly healed Dorcas/Tabitha) and having lunch, and enjoying the view, we set off for the Hotel Kibbutz Shefayim, where we stayed our first night in Israel. This time we had time to visit the beach.

The other groups set off around 8pm for the airport, and Katie left with them. We were picked up to go to the airport after midnight, and are there now as I write this. Our flight is expected to leave on time. If I don’t write another post indicating that there is a delay, then that should mean that things are going smoothly!

The tour guide and bus driver both expressed how impressed they are with the group from Butler University. I am very proud of this group of students and delighted that I was able to help facilitate this amazing experience they had!

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  • Keika


    Don’t you just hate flying 13,000 miles and not having your flight out of Amsterdam delayed for at least one night?  Head count, nobody mutinied?  Tired bunch.  After spending time in the desert, it feels like you’ve just stepped off the surface of the moon; seeing trees and grass is heartwarming and makes you happy to be home.  Welcome back!  Your body clock must be so confused, so unwind.  Just in time for it’s a long weekend ahead.  😉