Travel Tips for Preparing to Visit Israel/Palestine

Next week I’m traveling with students from Butler University to Israel and the Palestinian territories on a 9-day tour. I just posted some tips to help students prepare for the trip on our course blog. Why not click through and take a look – and point out anything I may have neglected to mention?

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  • Just Me

    “Keep in mind the overall more conservative sensibilities and perhaps
    pack a more traditional piece of swimwear rather than a bikini or
    something else of that sort”  That might be true for the Dead Sea, but Tel Aviv doesn’t have particularly conservative sensibilities, especially when it comes to swimwear.

    • James F. McGrath

      Thanks for the comment! I don’t remember seeing anyone that was dressed conservatively in Tel Aviv, come to think of it! :-) But yes, I mainly was offering the advice about the Dead Sea, based on what others have said. I don’t honestly remember what anyone was wearing when I was there, but my impression is that a tourist who doesn’t respect certain local sensibilities at the beach might get a disapproving glance or two, but won’t encounter other problems. 

  • Pat68

    Along with swimwear, I would suggest water shoes of some sort because the rocks in the Dead Sea can be quite sharp.