Two Nazarenes

Our tour guide Baligh’s local tour organization which EF works with is called “Nazarene Tours” because Baligh himself is from Nazareth. He made an amusing comment on the first day about the fact that he is more of a Nazarene than Jesus for two reasons: Jesus was born in Bethlehem and lived in Nazareth for at most some 30 years, while Baligh himself was born there and has already lived there for longer.

Today we will visit Nazareth and also a number of locations around the Sea of Galilee which are mentioned in the Gospels. So I suppose one could say that we have a Jesus-oriented day ahead of us!

It will be interesting to see how much of the questions raised by historians and critical scholarship arise, and who ends up bringing them up.

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  • Jona

    I hope you do not forget Sepphoris. It is not mentioned in the Gospels, but it’s quite interesting. The Ginosar boat is interesting only as a specimen of archaeological fund raising: we have a boat, what’s the nearest Biblical story we can connect it too?