Several bloggers and media outlets are reporting that a Christian textbook used in Louisiana points to the Loch Ness Monster, and stories perhaps inspired by Godzilla, as allegedly evidence against evolution. Under new legislation, a voucher system will essentially mean that taxpayers support this sort of thing.

It seems as though it should be a parody – but so did Answers in Genesis’ billboard with a fire-breathing dragon. Yet both are disturbingly real.

The report from Scotland – Nessie’s alleged home – adds additional poignancy to the well-deserved mockery. It also provides a direct quote from the specific textbook in question. Biology 1099, a textbook created by Accelerated Christian Education Inc, reads:

Are dinosaurs alive today? Scientists are becoming more convinced of their existence. Have you heard of the ‘Loch Ness Monster’ in Scotland? ‘Nessie’ for short has been recorded on sonar from a small submarine, described by eyewitnesses, and photographed by others. Nessie appears to be a plesiosaur.

Disturbing indeed.

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  • Scott F

    The continued existence of dinosaurs in no way invalidates evolution. We still have crocodiles and cockroaches.

  • David Evans

    Also, plesiosaurs were not dinosaurs. But perhaps we shouldn’t interpret ACE’s text too literally.

  • Alex

    I personally think there is much evidence to support the theory of evolution as the means God has used in His Creation. What I find more “disturbing” is the attitude in articles like this one that mock/chill speculation. Ever researched M Theory and what leading Theoretical Physicists assert? And I quote: “It is possible that Al Gore is president and Elvis is alive in a parallel universe…” Research it, you’ll find it in a BBC Documentary on the subject of M Theory. Show a little more grace to the Young Earthers or mock your Theoretical Physicists who openly support un-provable things like M Theory and make ridiculous claims that are supported as ‘possible’ w/o being mocked.

    • David Evans

      There are good reasons for physicists to speculate about parallel universes. And if there are an infinite number of other universes, or even if our universe is infinite, simple math shows that there must be other Earths fitting any physically possible description, including some where Al Gore is president (it wouldn’t have taken much…).

      In any case, M theory may be untestable at present, but I wouldn’t bet on it never being tested. Atomic theory was a speculation for about 2,000 years before we found ways to test it. On the other hand young-Earth theory not only is disprovable, it has been disproved multiple times. That’s why those who cling to it don’t deserve grace.

      • Gary

        “There are good reasons for physicists to speculate”. Key infinitive, “to speculate”. Speculate about infinite energies, infinite masses, and since they originate from quantum events (from nothing), their sum total is zero. If anything is possible in infinite universes, there must be a universe where the bible is inerrant. Just not this one. Please pass the valium.

        • David Evans

          As I pointed out, atomic theory was a speculation long before it was testable. Should scientists not have thought about it, then? But how do you devise experiments to test a new idea, without speculating?

          A universe in which the Bible was inerrant would be self-contradictory, like the Bible. No view of physics requires that.

          Yes, much of modern physics makes my head ache. But so does much of theology.

          • Gary

            “Yes, much of modern physics makes my head ache. But so does much of theology.” I agree. Nothing wrong with speculation. However, this “other universes” business is an excuse to eliminate singularities from the math model. I can still see multiple universes, just like multiple dimensions. But not an “almost” infinite number of universes. No boundary conditions on our current universe is more realistic. Accepting universes where Al Gore was elected instead of Bush is ridiculous. If every decision point in the universes’ history resulted in a splitting, creating a new universe…from the start of our Big Bang, there would be so much diverse spreading, we are saying the universes are created by decision points. Feynman’s sum over histories was not meant to be used in such a manner. Thus, pass the valium.

  • rmwilliamsjr

    ken ham responded to the issue on facebook today. with ”
    There is no textbook, whether Christian or secular, that is perfect! ” then they’re picking on us-Christians argument. followed with-”
    Secularists can often say outlandish or wrong things–and get away with it. But Christians are highly scrutinized in this very secular world. Regardless, we always should do our best to maintain the highest of standards in regard to what we communicate to people. ”
    oh. my.

    i only wish it were true, the part about “why we have a long list of qualified experienced people as consultants) to help us maintain the highest of standards in regard to the content we produce.”