Inherit the Mirth

Today I was asked by a cartoonist to remove one of his cartoons from my blog. Unfortunately, the cartoon reached me in a form that was circulating online with no indication of who created it or where if anywhere it was published. The cartoonist in question is Dan Reynolds, and having removed his cartoon with much regret and apology, I am now linking to his web site, in the hope that you may pay it a visit and enjoy Reynolds’ cartoons there.

In the process of trying to track down evidence of attribution of the cartoon mentioned above, I came across the work of another cartoonist, Cuyler Black. His web site is called “Inherit the Mirth” and he also has a blog by the same name. Let me share some samples that he has on his web site and hopefully direct some traffic there to get some of them on greeting cards or T-shirts. There are many more funny ones where these came from.

Again, please do pay a visit to the site and take a look around at more of Cuyler Black’s cartoons – they are definitely worth exploring. And to him and other cartoonists like him who explore the intersection of faith and humor, I offer a round of applause…and of laughter!

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