Genesis 3: Updates Available


"I'm King - my mother is not my superior."

Jesus: A Gluttonous Drunken Disobedient Son?
"I still say it’s more to do with history. Long, but interesting.Elaine Pagels, “The Origin ..."

Satan against Satan
"I guess, for my part, I don't see what the problematic part is. Jesus' saying ..."

Satan against Satan
"I personally disagree with that view, but you're nevertheless entitled to your opinion. :-)"

Jesus: A Gluttonous Drunken Disobedient Son?

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  • Hi. Do you happen to know who the artist/cartoonist is who did this image? I’d like to get the rights to use it in a forthcoming book.

    • I’m afraid I don’t. If you find out, please do let me know as I’d like to add the information here.

      • Will do! I am getting close … I think it is either by Bizarro or one of the Non Sequitur pieces.

      • It is definitely one of Dan Pirraro’s (Bizarro) comics. From back in the 80’s or 90’s.