Genesis 3: Updates Available


"I was thinking of, for example, in Luke 5: 'The Pharisees and the teachers of ..."

Jesus among Other Exalted Humans
"That is in John, and Jesus is depicted as rebutting the charge of having made ..."

Jesus among Other Exalted Humans
"I was under the impression that the contents of the Bible was the result of ..."

Biblical Allusions in “We Are The ..."
"You’re welcome. The only reason I connected that, is that I am required to take ..."

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  • Hi. Do you happen to know who the artist/cartoonist is who did this image? I’d like to get the rights to use it in a forthcoming book.

    • I’m afraid I don’t. If you find out, please do let me know as I’d like to add the information here.

      • Will do! I am getting close … I think it is either by Bizarro or one of the Non Sequitur pieces.

      • It is definitely one of Dan Pirraro’s (Bizarro) comics. From back in the 80’s or 90’s.