How We Know The Earth Is Very Old

The folks at BioLogos shared this infographic which some might find it useful to share with friends and family who don’t get why and how scientists conclude that the earth is so very old:

Also at BioLogos, there is an article by Deborah Haarsma on the age of the Earth, plus an announcement that BioLogos is looking for a new president. Perhaps some blog reader will want to apply?

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  • Contrarian

    Couldn’t a young earth creationist argue “it all appears that way because God made it to look old?”
    Creationists believe God created Adam and Eve from dust as fully grown adults. Likewise, God could have created the Earth to appear older than it really is.
    …just saying.

    • James F. McGrath

      Sure, one can always go along with one of those groups that says the Creator essentially lied in creating with false appearances, and even rewards those who disbelieve the evidence that he placed within creation. But (having been an adherent to that worldview myself in my teens) I honestly believe that most who persist in holding such beliefs simply have not thought the matter through fully. It only took looking into the evidence and thinking about the implications to convince me I had been wrong to allow myself to be duped by the young-earth creationist charlatans. But of course, as is the deity believed in, so are the worshippers. It is fitting that the proponents of young-earth creationism believe in a God who is a deceiver…

    • David Evans

      There is some logic to saying that a newly created human adult must have some features that suggest a previous history of growth. But there surely would have been no problem in creating lakes, caves and ice sheets without seasonal layers from a non-existent past? And uranium-bearing rocks without radiogenic lead? The only reason for having all these features would be to give a false appearance of age.

      And don’t get me started on all those galaxies distorted by tidal interactions that (look as if they) must have taken millions of years. God was surely under no compulsion to create them in those shapes.