Doctor Who: The Masters of Luxor

A friend drew to my attention a piece of Doctor Who history which will soon be released as an audiobook. Masters of Luxor (Doctor Who Lost Stories 3.7) was originally intended to be the second story in the serial, but it was never made, being replaced by The Daleks. And while the Daleks helped turn Doctor Who into a phenomenon, as a scholar of religion, I can’t help but wonder what might have been – and take an interest in this story, which focuses a lot attention on religion and God, and depicts the Doctor as simultaneously a man of science and a man of faith.

A book version of the script can be purchased used for more than $60 on Amazon, and so I don’t think I will click on “Buy it now.” But I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a less expensive copy – and/or will listen to the audiobook when it becomes available.

If any of you have read the book version of the script, I would be interested to hear your thoughts and impressions.

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  • $5792939

    I think everyone is best off, leaving Doctor Who and religion seperate. It would ruin the show to make too many assumptions. It is just brilliant art, and excellent science fiction.