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In the first meeting of my “Religion and Science” class, I had a slide with a Matrix connection, and I asked whether that was still meaningful. It was, but I wonder how long it will be before “Exploring Our Matrix” only means “Exploring Our Setting/Context” and does not have science fiction overtones as well.

If I needed to update the name, I wonder what I would call it…

I could go for timeliness and contemporary popularity and call it “Exploring Our Hunger Games.”

I could go for a pessimistic timeless fantasy reference and call it “Exploring Our Mordor.”

I could do something more optimistic in the same vein, reflecting at the same time my being somewhat vertically challenged, and call it “Exploring Our Shire.”

I could go in a fantasy plus emphatically Christian direction and call it “Exploring Our Wardrobe.”

I could emphasize that there is more to this blog than one might see looking just at the front page and call it “Exploring Our TARDIS.”

I could subtly reveal that all the really interesting stuff is happening elsewhere in the blog galaxy and call it “Exploring Our Tatooine.”

I could go for an already outdated but nonetheless I think very cool LOST reference and call it “Exploring Our Island.”

None of these are serious suggestions, and I think the name should stay as it is. Would you agree? Even if you think that the name should stay as it is, I’ll bet that some of you can come up with some silly proposals for a new name that are better than the ones I suggested here. Any suggestions?

"We don't have to worry until they get close to nine billion."

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    Exploring our Delta Quadrant

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    Exploring Our Cosmos?

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    Exploring our Excellent Adventure… Bogus Journey…(and there’s a third one coming next year…)

  • Exploring Our Brave New World.
    Or, again from C S Lewis, Exploring The Silent Planet.

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    Exploring our mythology.

  • Jeff Carter

    The Elizabeth Arkahm Asylum for the Criminally Insane

  • Exploring Our Bitstream

    The message from the blog empowers The Matrix.

  • spinkham

    Probably the most recent relevant movie was Inception, but that’s hard to put into that form.

    Exploring our shared dreams?