Jesus’ Advice for Internet Users


I created a couple of images to help me make my point about fact-checking information found on the internet – making the point both by what is said, and by the fact that Jesus didn’t say these things, as one will know if one fact-checks the quotes!

Feel free to share and circulate them!


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  • Brian P.

    Oh great. Jesus Seminar, Internet version.

  • But I believe and trust in you, Professor. Thus, anytime you write something attributed to Jesus, I will literally take to be the truth.

    Work your way out of this one. (I’m sure you can.) 🙂

    • If you believe and trust him, then you will follow his advice to fact check everything you read on the Internet.

      • If Jesus said it, I will fact check. If the Professor said that Jesus said it, then I will do what Jesus said. Get my point?

        • To elaborate my observation: For those who believe in the inerrancy of the bible, who do you trust when reading what Jesus said?

  • robert r. cargill

    how about, ‘don’t believe everything you read about jesus in the bible…’

    • Dr. David Tee

      That would be a sin

      • OK, I’ll ask. Where in the Bible does it say that it is a sin to not believe everything you read about Jesus in the Bible? If that is true, why did later Gospel authors rewrite things that earlier Gospel authors wrote about what Jesus said and did?

      • Mary

        Actually NO ONE believes everything the bible says about Jesus, INCLUDING YOU. That is why the idea of inerrancy is so laughable, since people just use that as an excuse to promote their own HUMAN agendas.
        Don’t believe me? Check my facts: Jesus said that he WOULD RETURN WITHIN HIS APOSTLES’ LIFETIMES. And Paul, who was the founder of Christian thought even though he never met Jesus, clearly believed that Jesus was returning soon. That is the reason why he discouraged marriage among the early Christians. The most important thing was to spread the word and make preparations for Jesus’ return.
        Even my sister, who is a fundie to the core, admits that Paul was mistaken.

        • Dr. David Tee

          I wonder where mary gets the idea that she knows what i do or do not believe. If we can’t trust the Bible about Jesus then there is nothing and no one to trust.
          Oh and there were only 4 Gospel writers, no editors or later editions.

          • Mary

            Yes I do know what you believe. You have been inundating us with what you believe! Are you going to deny all of your posts? Is this another excuse for not dealing with what I write to you? If you don’t want a response then why do you keep posting here?
            The real issue for you is this: ” If we can’t trust the Bible about Jesus then there is nothing and no one to trust”
            I suggest that you are wrong in that assessment. Why does your faith in God depend on a book? Doesn’t spirituality depend on a personal relationship with God?
            If you are afraid that your whole faith will die because not everything in the bible is true then your faith is not faith but fear. And that is a terrible way to live one’s life.

          • Dr. David Tee

            Yet you do not know everything I believe but thanks for continuing to prove Paul correct when he said women need to be silent and not teach men.

          • rmwilliamsjr

            Yet you do not know everything I believe but thanks for continuing to prove Paul correct when he said women need to be silent and not teach men.

            as is very typical of Biblical literalists, they modify the text to make it say what they want it to.

            the text is
            Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commandedto be under obedience, as also saith the law.

            1 Corinthians 14:34

            where? is IN THE CHURCH. please read more carefully if you presume to teach.

            Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.

          • Mary

            So now you show your true colors. You are not a man of God. You are just a sick twisted weasel with a Superiority Complex.
            You can’t prove your point so you attack others. You are a small, small man.

  • Mary

    I think that a lot of Christians simply can’t accept that fellow Christians can lie, whether on the internet or some other source. It saddens me that many Christians routinely break the ten commandments and then have the audacity to tell others how to live their lives.
    I had a debate a few months ago online with a lady who insisted that the bible did not support slavery. She pointed out that among the Hebrews indentured servitude was a normal practice and that the slaves were given their freedom after a few years.
    She cited a website that she claimed was an atheist site in order to try to make the point that even athiests don’t believe that the bible supports slavery. The site was
    First of all, this is a CHRISTIAN website. Second of all THEY WERE LYING. In the bible yes there were indentured servants among the Hebrew people, but those rules ONLY APPLIED TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Foreign slaves were kidnapped, treated horribly, and WERE NEVER ALLOWED THEIR FREEDOM. All with God’s approval.
    I don’t know whether this lady knew that she was being lied to or whether she knowingly lied to me. I told her to read her bible and she never responded. Not a big surprise there.
    Unfortunately, I have to come to the conclusion that many conservative Christians are simply dishonest people and are not to be trusted. Including the infamous “Dr.” Tee here who refuses to reveal his educational background and therefore his “honorific” is in question. He calls everyone a liar except himself, which is typical of fundamentalist tactics. It sounds like he believes that the ten commandments only apply to others, not to himself. So I am saying to him, “Good luck with that!”
    Honestly, does this “doctor” and other dishonest Christians think that God is going to give them a ‘GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD’?

    • Ockham

      When someone starts their post by saying that they are saddened, you know you are facing an ardent egoist. It is best to terminate the discussion, because nothing you can ever say to an egoist is going to change them. Their viewpoints are holy writ. And that is why this woman denies the Bible. Her views are superior to it. Just ask her.

      • Mary

        I am not denying the bible. In fact I am affirming what it says. And it says that slavery is a-ok with God. If you say otherwise, then you are denying scripture and your problem is not with me, but with the bible.
        Egoists are people who don’t read the bible and so deny what is in it.
        Too bad you missed the point that I was trying to make. I was pointing out the deceptiveness of certain Christian groups and websites. I would think that would be something every Christian would be concerned about, no matter what their beliefs are.

        • Mary

          One more thing: Here is what the bible says about slavery:
          However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who
          live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners,
          including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your
          property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may
          treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must
          never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)
          These are not my views. They are the bible’s views.

          • Dr. David Tee

            God did not tell people to revolt against the Roman and Greek rulers, does that mean He supports their brand of government? he tells them to obey the laws and render unto Caesar…
            I do not think you grasp the teachings of the OT because you place your sinful definition of the word slavery upon the biblical term ‘slave’.

          • Mary

            Your response doesn’t make any sense at all. What does slavery have to do with Roman and Greek governments?
            You are losing it.

    • Dr. David Tee

      You really do not know what you are talking about. The Bible does not support slavery but then you are caught up in the superficial meanings of words. if you did an honest comparison between what you claim to be biblical slavery and the slavery we know of in this world you would see a vast difference between the two.
      You lied right there in your misrepresentations of me. I do not call everyone a liar, God does that because most of the people commenting and th eone writing the articles are calling God a liar. Since yo do not like it, how do you think God feels when you say he lied?
      Given the fact that the Bible tells us that God does not lie. It is also amazing how people take a field of research, science, which is NOT immune to the sin and corruption that entered the world at Adam’s sin and place it in authority OVER God who is immune to sin and corruption.
      God isn’t the one with the problem, you and other humans are.

      • Mary

        I do not call God a liar. I do call people who refuse to see the truth liars. I quoted bible verses to support my argument but you have nothing to refute it. You are lying to yourself.
        You know I think you just get off on pissing people off. You do not care about the truth. Why should I waste my breath on you?
        You still haven’t told us your qualifications, “Doctor”
        I am done with you.

  • Truth

    “Don’t believe all the hippie Jesus pictures you see, and definitely don’t believe “buddy Jesus” with the all seeing eye symbolism and wink from Dogma”

    1 Corinthians 11:14

    Does not nature itself teach you that if a man wears long hair it is a disgrace for him”

    Proverbs 10:10

    Whoever winks the eye causes trouble”