New Holiday: Apologize for Calling the President the Antichrist Day

The viewpoint of most of those who take a futurist approach to Revelation is that the antichrist will be in power for 42 months or 1,260 days. This is based on the reference to “times, time, and a half a time” which is taken to refer to a period of three and a half years.

An image that I saw on Facebook, but unfortunately now can’t seem to track down, pointed out that Barack Obama has successfully passed that number of days in office, and is thus owed an apology from those who said he was the antichrist.

The sheer number of people who made such claims is disturbing, and so they can now choose to admit either that they were wrong, or the Bible is wrong, or they were wrong in their understanding of the Bible. For them to admit that they were wrong about anything, given their dogmatism and confidence, would be an enormous achievement.

Since every president gets accused of being the antichrist, unless conservative Christians really love him (which I would think should be the most worrying sign of all), I would like to propose a new national holiday, to be celebrated on the 1,261st day after a new president takes office. We could call it “Apologize for Calling the President the Antichrist Day” while others who didn’t make the accusation can just celebrate “Hurray, I’m Not Living Under the Reign of Antichrist Day.”


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  • wakeup

    Actually it says he will rule for another 42 months.obama said in a speech once”folks havent been reading their bible”.

    • Not without demanding worship, according to typical futurist interpretation. And so my point stands, unless the futurist interpreters are willing to suddenly play faster and looser with what Revelation than their already dubious interpretations, preferring to keep Obama as antichrist than to stick to what the text says, when push comes to shove.

  • Mary

    And these idiots wonder why we don’t take their theology seriously.