The Legion of Baptist Superheroes

I’ve long known about (and have mentioned before) the Adherents web site’s catalog of superheroes’ religious affiliation. Today I learned via IO9 that on that web site there are now also graphics depicting the superheroes of a given tradition. Here are the Baptists:

I am guessing that some are American Baptist, some are Southern Baptist, and some are from any number of tiny Baptist groups that don’t get along with anyone else. And so I don’t see the legion lasting. And I say that as a Baptist!

I encourage readers to click through and look at the page, if only to see some of the obscure groups to which superheroes belong, as well as which ones are Anglican, Evangelical Protestant, Sikh, and other well-known religions. And make sure you scroll all the way to the end.

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  • Michael Wilson

    Interesting to see the sterotypes associated with a cople of the religions. all Buddhist superheros know kung fu, Muslim superheros wear turbans and Jewish superheros dress like dredeils.

  • Just Sayin’

    You and Jim West in matching jumpsuits? I just can’t imagine it!