Dr. Pepper’s Effect on Creationists

I made the above image to poke fun at how some have reacted to the recent Dr. Pepper advertisement. If you have not yet seen it, just Google Dr. Pepper and evolution and you should find online discussions of the topic.

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  • http://chaoskeptic.blogspot.com Rev. Ouabache

    I would say that the chimp needs to be flinging poo but that would be distasteful.

    • rmwilliamsjr

      when i was a kid, i’d go sit for hours watching the gorillas “fling poo”, their aim was excellent and the object was always a white blouse.(@ san diego zoo)

      • Gary

        Interest, as a kid I use to watch them (gorillas) do that at the San Diego zoo too. But only proof that gorillas and humans have the exact same behavior (with the exception that the gorillas are much less violent). If you have ever seen prison shows on TV, the inmates do the same. The exception is that the gorillas do not kill each other. Sad.

  • Just Sayin’

    The ape at the end should be holding a phony “doctorate.”

  • Dr. David Tee

    The fact that you see a need to mock and attack people who have been God’s right of free choice, just like you, tells the world that you do not obey Jesus or His words.
    Just because creationists choose to believe something that you disagree with doesn’t make them evil, doesn’t make them wrong and doesn’t make them ignorant.
    Creationists take comfort in Jesus words when He said, ‘they hate you because they hate me.’ You can’t attack Jesus so you go after those who believe the Bible even though you are in the wrong and do not follow anything Jesus said.

    • rmwilliamsjr

      people who have been God’s right of free choice

      what does this mean?

      • aar9n

        given. People who have been given.

        Troll University doesn’t teach it’s Ph.D’s to proofread, apparently.

        • Dr. David Tee

          You like that phrasing… maybe I will do more of it in the future. Sometimes I am tired and do not see every typo I make.

    • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.ahsen Brenda Von Ahsen

      “you do not obey Jesus or His words”

      Why should we obey Jesus or for that matter any god? Even if I believed in a god I would not mindlessly obey him or her. If god existed I would expect her to value freethinking and independence just like I do. Any god that punishes those who reach honest conclusions based on the best evidence is no god worth obeying in the first place.

      “Just because creationists choose to believe something that you disagree
      with doesn’t make them evil, doesn’t make them wrong and doesn’t make
      them ignorant.”

      It is true that disagreeing with someone doesn’t make them evil, ignorant or wrong. “Agreement” doesn’t make anything true. What makes something true is if it is in fact true. 2 + 2 = 4 no matter what anyone, even god, says because of how 2 and 4 and plus are defined. What makes “The Earth revolves about the sun” true is if it is in fact the case that the sun does revolve around the sun.

      Agreement and obedience have nothing at all to do with truth.

  • David Layzell

    No Dr Tee, it is a little light humour, not an attack. Have you never heard a YEC speaker mock evolutionists? I have. Of course creationists are not evil, though they may be wrong. Lighten up a little.

    • Dr. David Tee

      Didn’t say that was correct either. i find no humor in the above picture and find it interesting that those who believe in alternatives can’t follow Christ and set the better example nor turn the other cheek like Jesus said.
      They must reply in kind which only demonstrates that they have nothing to offer the world.

      • Harry

        Accepting evolution as the best explanation of biology is not incompatible with following the teachings of Jesus. God gave us the ability to reason. It would be against His will not to use that ability.

  • http://blogforthelordjesus.wordpress.com Mike Gantt

    The term creationist seems to be used, at least by some, in non-intuitive ways. Could you tell me how you define it?

    That is, it ostensibly would mean someone who believes that the universe has a Creator and therefore could be a Young Earth Creationist on one end of that spectrum or someone who fully adheres to evolutionary theory and that as the instrument of God on the other. However, I notice some people use it only to apply to the YEC side of the spectrum and those theists who believe in evolution are not called creationists. Thus it seems in those cases more a pejorative epithet than an objective characterization to some. Just going by your graphic it looks like you consider a creationist anyone who believes in a Creator without believing in evolution. Could you shed any light on the semantic confusion?

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/ James F. McGrath

      You are quite right, the phrase is used in both a broad and a narrower sense. The image is obviously poking fun only at those who found the Dr. Pepper ad offensive and a reason to stop drinking the stuff. I am quite sure that there are a great many creationists in the broad sense who find that ridiculous. :-)

    • Dr. David Tee

      those people who accept any form of evolution are not creationists and do not believe God.

      • galileoguy

        I must differ. I believe in Neo-Darwinian Evolution and I am a devout Christian. We’re talking about fully compatible philosophical levels of causality, not competing theories of mechanistic construction. If I ask you why the tea kettle is boiling, you could say it’s because the heat transfer is exciting the water molecules into a gaseous state that is less dense than liquid water, and therefore the gaseous water rises vigorously to the top. Or you could say, it’s boiling because you want some tea. Both are true and each answers a different question about the tea kettle, just as faith and science answer different questions about the universe.

      • ASeriesOfWords

        Who died and made you God, that you know the hearts of man with perfect knowledge and perfect wisdom? Who died and made you God, that you judge with the delicacy and mercy and grace of an anvil?

        Belief in Creationism is not a requirement for Salvation. Only three things are:

        1) Belief in Christ as the Messiah, who is both fully Man and fully God.
        2) Belief in Christ’s death and resurrection.
        3) Acceptance of Christ’s sacrifice for our sins and accepting God’s subsequent grace and forgiveness of our sins.

        That’s a short and simple list for a reason.

  • Acleron


  • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/religionprof/ James F. McGrath

    I showed the original picture and my redoing of it to my “Religion and Science” class today. And I pointed out that the original is not scientific – for instance, there is good paleontological evidence that human beings walked upright long before the “Pepper Discovery”… :-)

  • Null

    Dr. Tee you should convert to Islam with such radical dogmatism